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Arabiq Online specializes in delivering high-quality, self-paced Qur'anic Arabic courses online

Tahera Sumar, Hertfordshire

Learning Quranic Arabic with Nazmina has truly changed my life. I enjoy reading the Quran more as I feel I understand what I read. She is a brilliant teacher. Her explanations are thorough and her patience, enthusiasm, and motivation are outstanding. I highly recommend this course to other people. I can now open the Quran and understand most of what I am reading. I am able to translate parts of the Quran for my 7 and 9-year-old boys which they absolutely love. I'm so happy I'm able to do this with them and help them to love and understand Allah's words.

Dilshad Merchant, London

My learning curve with Nazmina’s classes has been quite firm and steady. She is so positive and patient, and her efforts and passion behind it is really amazing. My experience has been excellent. It has helped me significantly improve at a good pace. At the end of the course, I was not only able to translate the Quranic verses, I was also able to listen and understand many Ayah’s from the Quran. I'm really happy I found her classes and will recommend this course to whomever wishes to excel in Quranic Arabic.

Fatema Gulamhussein

Learning Quranic Arabic with Nazmina has been amazing and very beneficial. The course is very well structured with clear progression. The resources provided were effective and helpful towards the learning. She teaches at a good pace and every week there is satisfaction that you have learnt and understood a little bit more of Quranic Arabic. The discussions around the linguistics of Arabic and the context of words is also very interesting. The course is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the Quran and actually be able to understand it.

Rabbi Michael Hilton, London

We have been studying with Nazmina for three years now. Being perhaps a little older than most students, our memories are not so sharp as they were, but Nazmina is endlessly patient with us. She is always exceptionally well prepared, whether the lessons are face-to-face or virtual, and makes us work very hard - be warned, she is not a teacher for lazy students! She also is very patient with our Arabic reading, as we didn't learn to read when younger. Nazmina is able to make even the most intricate grammar points sound really interesting. She has guided us with other projects such as calligraphy, and the extra words during Ramadan, and now every Friday are a fascinating bonus.

Shaheen Yusufali-Merali, Hertfordshire

have absolutely loved doing my Quranic Arabic course with Nazmina. The structure of the class was clear, the content per class was just right, and we made a lot of progress very fast! I have tried learning Arabic before but it's not really stuck until these classes. Would highly highly recommend it! I can now understand a lot of what I am reading, which allows for a much deeper insight into the beautiful words of Allah. Thank you, Nazmina!

Sumaiya, Middlesex

"...just wanted to say: thank you so much for all your hard work and effort in running this Arabic course for us. I was just going through Surah Qasas and I was trying to break down and translate each verse before looking at the translation of what I was reciting. Compared to before, I feel I'm able to understand so much more now alhamdulillah. I'm sure there's a long way to go still, but just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us come this far already, that we are able to look at Qur'anic verses and translate them. May Allah reward you immensely in this world and the next."

Aaliya Mavani, Middlesex

"A year on and Alhamdulillah, Nazmina’s voice still rings in my ears :) The knowledge and skills learned have enabled me to connect more intimately with the Holy Quran and empower me to memorise and retain more Alhamdulliah. Highly highly recommended."

Why Choose Arabiq Online?

  • Connect with the Qur'an on a deeper level through the language it was revealed in

  • Learn online at any time, at your own pace, from the convenience of your home

  • Interactive lessons with videos, quizzes and plenty of exercises to help you on your journey

  • Discover the sweetness of reading the Qur’an in Arabic and enjoy spending time engaging with it

  • Get an understanding of actual Quranic concepts, and not just words

Learn Qur'anic Arabic online, anywhere and at any time!

Taught through short concise audio-visual presentations that will sustain your interest throughout and make learning Qur’anic Arabic an enjoyable experience for you.

A new way to learn Quranic Arabic online

Arabiq Online is all about learning Arabic to connect with the Qur’an. While translations certainly convey the meaning of our divine Book, knowledge of Arabic enhances the experience of the Qur’an and the connection to God exponentially.

Improve your understanding of the Qur'an

The aim of these courses is to enable you to read and understand 80% of the vocabulary contained in the Qur’an without having to resort to translations. You will also learn exactly how Arabic functions as a language through its grammatical structures.